Storage devices & Power supply Edit

Controller: Controller chip that control how HD operate.

HBA: Host to host bus adapter : Converting signal from the controller to the computer.

Anatomy of Hard Drive


C/H/S: Cylinder/head/Sector

Cylinder X Head = Tracks

Tracks X Sector per track = Total Sector

HDD speed: 5400/7200/10 000/12 000

SSD: Solid state drive

Hybrid drive: Dual (HD + SSD) often used data is transferred to the ssd part for faster access.

Solid Stade hybrid drive: HDD with NAND chip on board

SRT: Smart response technology: Use caching for popular data on the faster drive in a dual drive scenario.

Optical disk: Edit

                -SS = Single side                              -DS = Dual side

                -SL = Single layer                             -DL = Dual layer

  • CD                                                         650/700/800/900


  • DVD +/-R/RW                   SS,SL                     4.7GB
  • DVD -R/+R                         SS,SL                     8.55GB
  • BD -R/RE                             SS,SL                     25GB
  • BD -R/RE                             SS,DL                    50GB
  • BD -R/RE                             DS,DL                    100GB


Optical drive data rate Edit

                CD-ROM                              1X = 150 KBps

                                                               2X = 300 KBps

                                                               8X = 1.2 MBps

                               (Multiplier by data buffering)


                DVD                                      1X = 1.4 MBps

                                                               16X max speed

                BD                                          1X = 4.5 MBps  (30X the speed of cd 1X)

                                                               2X needed for commercial video playback

DVD ROM : Data encoded is unchangeable

DVD -R/+R: Write once

DVD -RW/+RW: Multiplies use

IDE PATA: Legacy

SATA 1 : 1.5 Gbps            sata 150

SATA 2 : 3 Gbps               sata 300

SATA 3 : 6 Gbps               sata 600

RAID: Redundant Array of independent disk Edit

  •                 Raid

0 : Disk stripping

  •                 Raid

1 : Disk Mirroring

  •                 Raid

5 : Redundancy with parity + speed

  •                 Raid

6 : Like 5 but it can loose 2 disk

  •                 Raid

10: 1+0 OR 0+1 (Minimum 4 disk, 50% loss for redundancy)


Sequential tape format Edit

  •                 QID                        Quarter inch cartridge                  200Kb to 1GB
  •                 DLT                        Digital line tape                              Up to 800 GB
  •                 Data8/exabyte Eight millimetre                             Up to 60 GB
  •                 DAT/DSS              Digital audio tape                           Up to 300 GB
  •                 LTO                        Linear Tape-Open                          up to 2.5 TB


Memory card format Edit

  •                 SD                          Secure Digital                                   32X24 mm
  •                 MiniSD                                                                               21.5X20


  •                 MicroSD                                                                             15X11


  •                 CF                           Compact Flash                                 36X43 mm
  •                 XD-Picture

card                                                               20X25 mm


AT power connector = Depreciated

MOLEX: Standard peripheral power connector

ATX power connector: Single 20 pin connector

ATX 12v: Needed for PCIe 4/6/8 pin


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